Value represents a brokerage company continually improving on the Italian market. The Company, always mindful to the innovation on both Italian and international market, offers consulting and insurance brokering services ranging from risks analysis to their placement and management on behalf of national public authorities and important firms in services and manifacturing sector.
Value boasts specialised professionals and from the beginning of the assignment will act on behalf of the Client with proficiency, pursuing the set goal in the best possible way.



When you choose an insurance broker, you rely on an independent professional. This professional figure is governed by the Insurance Code, that defines it as: “A professional that connects a Client”, private citizen or company, intending to stipulate an insurance policy “with insurance and reinsurance companies”, taking care of them throughout the whole process. Who chooses to turn to a broker, in the first place, confers an exploratory mandate to search the insurance market in order to find out the ideal solution for the Client's needs depending on the offers. The personalised approach is one of the advantages, and it's made possible by a 360° and updated knowledge in order to evaluate  risks and conveniences of the market.
Brokers are enrolled in a register managed by Ivass (Supervisory Body for Insurances), this enrollment occurs following to the passing of an admission exam (Competence Requirement), they must have clean record and having not been declared bankrupt (Reputation requirement) and they have to prove not to favour any Insurance Company (Independence requirement). Moreover, they have to be equipped with a professional liability insurance coverage, a guarantee which safeguards the premiums paid by the Clients (Guarantee requirement).

Value S.r.l.

Indirizzo: Via Ludovisi, 36  00187 - Roma   Telefono: 06 68 30 86 13   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   RUI B000557282   P IVA 13880151009    C.C.I.A.A. RM 1479918    
Soggetto al controllo dell'IVASS

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