Everything around you and to which you attribute value can be protected, in any case you can rely on Value.
We assist the Client in dealing with the companies, our advice directs you towards choosing the best insurance and carries you through the management of the damage.
Our experts analyze the scenary and formulate the protection that best suits your needs, maximizing the coverage in your favour.


Every day companies face challenges that the markets implement to them, always exposing themselves to risks that concern both production and distribution.
Value aims to focus on how to protect all possible risks that can affect a company.


The professional categories, the employees of an institution or of a company, the associations of people have specific needs. The work carried out by Value consists in studying every single peculiarity of every form of association so that the most suitable solutions can be identified on the market.
The insurances that can be stipulated as an association are quite a lot: accident, car insurance, property and life protection, civil liability for professional classes.

Value S.r.l.

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